Kristine Frederickson

Kristine Frederickson

Kristine Wardle Frederickson (Ph.D., History, University of Utah) has taught over 25 university courses in the History, Women’s Studies, Honors, and Religion departments at Brigham Young University and Utah Valley University. She was an op-ed writer for ten years for The Deseret News and Mormon Times. She is the author of Extraordinary Courage: Women Empowered by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She has published on a wide range of historical and religious topics in books, and periodicals, and presented at numerous conferences. Her areas of expertise include Modern European History (emphasis on nineteenth-century Britain), American History, Women’s History, and Religious History. Kristine taught in the BYU Semester Abroad program in London and has researched, traveled, and written extensively on the British nineteenth-century world that produced fertile ground for converts to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She and her husband Reid are the parents of six children and thirteen grandchildren.

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Church History and Britain’s Victorian Century with the Interpreter Foundation
Kris Frederickson
Kristine Frederickson
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