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Bible Lands Cruise

13 Day Cruise

05/06/2023 - 05/18/2023

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John Bytheway

Come on an adventure with us and sail with John Bytheway, Dave Hadlock and Hank Smith as they inspire us with incredible presentations on sea days. Learn about the travels and teachings of the apostle Paul and other gospel topics. Experience history, culture, and civilization at every turn on this extraordinary itinerary. Join our private tours at every port. Haifa offers Nazareth, Mt. of Beatitudes, Capernaum, and Beit She’an. Journey to Jerusalem and visit the Garden of Gethsemane, the Garden Tomb, Jordan River and Bethlehem. Explore the highlights of Limassol, the second largest city on the island and its medieval castle, a former crusader stronghold. In the Old Town of Rhodes see 2,400 years of ancient statues, marble crests, the fountain, the Palace and the Street of the Knights. Ride a cable car and wander the narrow cobblestone streets of the breathtaking villages of Oia and Fira in Santorini. Visit the charming town of Chania with its Venetian and Turkish monuments and see traditional stone houses, picturesque villages and a fine Folk Art Museum in the surrounding villages. Join Dave, Hank, John and our adventurous LDS group as we create memories to last a lifetime!

Join us for a 2-night pre-cruise tour of Rome!


Day 1 : Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy

May 6, 2023 (Saturday)
Join us on a 2 day pre-cruise tour in Rome and see the highlights of this amazing city. Tour will include transfers to/from the ship.

Day 2 : Cruising

May 7, 2023 (Sunday)
Bible Seminar at Sea with Hank & Dave

Day 3 : Cruising

May 8, 2023 (Monday)
Bible Seminar at Sea with Hank & Dave

Day 4 : Limassol, Cyprus

May 9, 2023 (Tuesday)
Free day

Day 5 : Jerusalem (Ashdod), Israel

May 10, 2023 (Wednesday)
We will begin this tour atop the Mount of Olives where we will have a panoramic view of the Old City and Dome of the Rock. We will then take a short walk down to the Garden of Gethsemane. We will then travel to the Garden Tomb, where we will see the spot many believe to be the location of the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. Before going to the Old City, we will visit the Jerusalem Center for a short tour. After our visit, we will head to the Western Wall, where we’ll see the holiest of sites for the Jews and the remnants of the retaining wall that surrounded Herod’s temple. Here we will see St. Anne’s church and the pools of Bethesda and do a short walk through the Old City following the traditional via dolorosa to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, passing by Antonio’s Fortress. There will be free time in the Old City for those who would like to shop or visit the Church or the Holy Sepulchre. We will visit the Western Wall and the Davidson Center (south steps of the Temple Mount).

Day 6 : Jerusalem (Ashdod), Israel

May 11, 2023 (Thursday)
We will start the morning on the Jordan River on our way to Bethlehem, where we will see the Church of the Nativity and Shepherd’s fields. We will see any of the missed sites from Day 1 in Jerusalem.

Day 7 : Haifa, Israel

May 12, 2023 (Friday)
We’ll get off the ship as early as possible and make our way through the northern parts of Israel and the Sea of Galilee region. This is the area where many of Christ’s greatest teachings and miracles took place. If time permits, we will start the morning at Caesarea Phillipi. We will visit then visit Capernaum, where we will see the remnants of the synagogue where Christ possibly taught. We will discuss the miracles that took place here. We will take a boat ride onto the Sea of Galilee and visit one the proposed sites for the Mount of Beatitudes. Lunch is included on the shores of the Sea of Galilee.

Day 8 : Cruising

May 13, 2023 (Saturday)
Bible Seminar at Sea

Day 9 : Ephesus (Kusadasi), Turkey

May 14, 2023 (Sunday)
The Kusadasi port to take us to Ephesus, where we will enter through the Magnesia Gate to the ruins of the ancient Roman Capital. We will go see the ancient ruins known as the Odeon, the Celsus Library, the Temple of Hadrian, the Fountain of Trajan and the Great Theatre, which is the place many believe Paul preached to the Ephesians. After visiting the ruins of Ephesus, we will visit the House of the Virgin Mary, which is believed by some to be the final resting place of Mary. The tour will conclude as we visit the Temple of Artemis, which is known as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. This tour comes with a local lunch included at a nearby village.

Day 10 : Athens (Piraeus), Greece

May 15, 2023 (Monday)
We will begin with an early start so we can get out to the Biblical city of Corinth. Although a relatively small archaeological site, there is a lot of Biblical and historical importance to this site. We will discuss Paul’s visits and letters to the people of Corinth. We will head into the heart of Athens and visit the “sacred rock”, the Acropolis. Here you will see the Parthenon that was dedicated to goddess Athena We will also walk over to the Theatre of Dionysus and finally Mars Hill, where Paul addressed the Athenians. From there, we’ll proceed to the oldest and most picturesque neighborhood of Athens, Plaka (stone-paved narrow streets, traditional Greek taverns -best gyros- antique and souvenir stores). We will give you free time here to shop and eat. After free time for lunch in Plaka, we’ll walk through the city centre through the area of the  Flea Market (street bazaar, antique stores) where we’ll visit the Ancient Agora (the political, financial and commercial centre of ancient Athens). 

Day 11 : Cruising

May 16, 2023 (Tuesday)
Bible Seminar at Sea

Day 12 : Naples (Capri), Italy

May 17, 2023 (Wednesday)
From Naples, we will go to Pompeii. This archaeological site is considered to be the world’s finest example of a Roman town and its way of life. In 79 AD, the catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius buried the town under 20 feet of ash and pumice stone, preserving the entire city. During the walking tour of the ruins, admire the mansions and art of wealthy patricians who moved to Pompeii to escape the turmoil of Rome; view countless paintings and inscriptions and the streets with raised pavements on either side. At intersections are stepping-stones that ensured pedestrians a safe crossing. This prosperous Roman City had an extensive forum, lavish baths, temples and villas richly decorated with frescoes. Excavations have revealed details of everyday life such as the wine jars still set in the counter of the wine shop. Following our visit to Pompeii, we will explore and give you free time on the beautiful Amalfi Coast.

Day 13 : Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy

May 18, 2023 (Thursday)
Return to Rome, Italy. Transfer to airport.


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Final payment is due February 6, 2023. Deposit is refundable prior to final payment without penalty. Within three months of the cruise, the tours and cruise are non-refundable.

Check Your Invoice Names: Please check to see that your names are spelled correctly. Your first and last names must appear as they appear on your passport for International travel and Driver’s License for domestic tours.

PASSPORTS ARE REQUIRED and should be valid 6 months after the end of the tour.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the nature of this tour you must be able to climb stairs and walk unassisted at a moderate pace. 

Please note that minor changes to the itinerary may occur due to local conditions and to better accommodate our group.


Hank Smith
Hank is a master teacher. He is super fun and engaging and youth love him. He grew up in St. George, Utah. He received a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Dixie State University (2002), his MBA (2005) from Utah State University, and his PhD in educational leadership (2014) from Brigham Young University. He is currently an instructor at BYU. In addition to his work in consulting with companies and families, Hank has presented a nationwide Best of Especially for Youth, Retreat for Girls, Time to Blossom, and Time Out for Girls programs, several University Education Weeks, public school assemblies, and various forums around the country. Hank has also authored many books and Audio CD with Covenant Communications. Hank and his wife, Sara, currently live in Mapleton, Utah. Hank says that, “Sara is amazing, she knows everything about me and still loves me.” They have 5 adorable children. Hank enjoys running marathons (15 so far) and eating lots of ice cream, which is why he runs marathons. More than anything else he loves being with his wonderful wife and children.
Dave Hadlock
Dave has worked as a tour director to religious sites for over 16 years. He began as a contracted guide working for other LDS travel agencies while owning an export clothing business (used and vintage clothing). He enjoyed the vintage clothing business. It was kind of like prospecting for gold, only looking for old clothes. As the vintage clothing business declined, he moved into travel full time with the opening of Bountiful Travel. His qualifications for religious teaching began as a missionary when he felt his soul enlarge (in the words of Alma) as he heard a master teacher of the scriptures. He wanted to be able to help others feel the same way through his teaching. He began an intense study of the scriptures as a missionary and continued after his mission working on a Master’s degree in Ancient Near Eastern Studies (Biblical Hebrew emphasis). He studies looking for unique insights into the scriptures and has worked hard at learning how to teach those insights in an interesting manner. His background in Mesoamerican studies and Ancient Near Eastern studies lends to unique insights into the scriptures. He is laid-back and loves to have fun. He loves teaching and being with people. So for him this is the ultimate job. He hopes that his love for the scriptures is contagious as he teaches. He’s taken over 100 tour groups to Central America and Israel over the last 14 years and hopes you will join him on one of his trips.
John Bytheway
John was born and raised in Salt Lake City, and he served his mission in the Philippines. Following his mission he attended the University of Utah, and later graduated from BYU. John has taught the Book of Mormon at Brigham Young University, and the BYU Salt Lake Center since 1996. In 2003, he earned a Master’s Degree in Religious Education. He is the author of more than two dozen books and CDs many of which, he says, are effective non-prescription sleep-aids. He loves to golf, write, read, and play the banjo and guitar. John is a founding member of the local chapter of the Andy Griffith Show Re-run Watchers Club, and does a spot-on impersonation of Deputy Sheriff Barney Fife. John was recently released as bishop of the Salt Lake Winder 10th Ward, and is now teaching Sunday School with his wife, Kim. John and Kim have six children and a completely full SUV which doubles in value when it’s full of gasoline.
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