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Why Bountiful Travel?

Hadlocks__25Bountiful Travel is owned and operated by Dave Hadlock. Sixteen years ago, I began guiding tour groups to Central America as an independently contracted guide. At the end of the first cruise I ever took, one of my guests told me that it had been the best vacation she had ever been on. From that point on, I was hooked taking groups to religious sites.  After about six years of guiding groups as a contracted guide, I started Bountiful Travel, hoping to build a company in which many would feel like it was their best vacation ever. I love teaching the scriptures and being with people. I hope my enthusiasm for the the scriptures rubs off on my guests. I love to laugh and enjoy being with my groups.

In trying to create a great LDS travel experience, I do the following:

Group Size: Our groups are usually around 46 people total (some even smaller). If we have more than one bus, each bus will have an LDS tour director. We do everything we can to insure that you will not feel rushed on our tours (although some of that is inevitable). If we have two buses, they will operate as separate tours, with local and LDS tour directors on each bus.

We also use headsets on our land tours and with very large groups on cruises (two buses) we have head sets available as well.

Reasonable prices: Compare our prices and we believe that you will ultimately save by booking with us. Many of our competitors have hidden fees, taxes, tips and costly shore excursions. Once you add up all the components of your trip, we will usually beat most of our competitor’s prices. We have a limited staff and a home office, which helps us keep our prices low. Many companies sell their tour packages with flights included. You are almost always going to pay more for a flight when it is part of a group package. We are happy to help you book your flight if needed at no charge when booking one of our tours.

Because I work primarily alone. You will almost always be dealing directly with me.

Shore Excursions: Not all shore excursions are the same. We take pride in offering the best shore excursions at the most reasonable prices. We are particularly picky about the local guides we hire. We think in most cases, you will love our local guides.

Scriptures: I love to teach the scriptures and our tours emphasize the use of the scriptures. I believe that studies of both the Bible and the Book of Mormon are brought to life by understanding them in their cultural and historical context. Our teachers use the physical environment where we are visiting to teach the spiritual truths of the scriptures. If you are looking for travel that is centered on scripture, our tours are for you.

Guides: We use highly trained guides and scholars for our tours and cruises. We believe you will not be disappointed with your local guides when traveling with Bountiful Travel. I am very particular about the abilities of the local guides. I look for energetic, fun, knowledgeable guides.

Give us a try….We hope to help make your vacation with us your best vacation ever.

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